Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spacious Chicago Sheraton

Earlier this month, Dr Desert Flower had a conference in Chicago, and we got a room at the Sheraton on the north side of the Chicago River for the 4 day weekend.  Our room had a "lake view", and it was by far, one of the most spacious hotel rooms in which I have stayed in America.  There was ample room to roll out my yoga mat, and not bump into things.  Outside the window is the Navy Pier Ferris wheel, but I didn't adjust the camera settings enough to see it. 

I was on the fence about taking my yoga mat.  it was just a 4 day trip, and the rolled mat doesn't fit into a carry on bag effectively, so it was it's own "personal item"... but Southwest Airlines didn't hassle me, as I combined my mat with DDF's poster tube, and treated it as "one personal item" - creatively it worked.  But once I saw how large the room was, I was glad I brought the mat.  I did a solid hour of yoga each day, looking out the 15th floor window - which was REALLY the 14th floor, but the paranoid & superstitious hoteliers in America don't like labeling any floor as "13" ... ohhhhh scary!  Yes, scary to the stupid.  In China, "9" is considered Incredibly lucky.  We had trouble finding an open dinner table when I was there September 9th of 1999, because of the record number of weddings!  But in the US "7" is lucky, and "13" and "666" are avoided like the plague.  Whatever. Please get out of my way as I ask for room 666 or 1313, and stay there without any problems.  =)

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  1. i'm still a little surprised that 10 years ago, Congress didn't try to make Sept 12 the day after Sept 10.

    or change the emergency number to 912.


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