Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gov Christie Forced To Exercise

The Moderate Voice has a nice article (link here) about how New Jersey hot head, reactionary, and hypocritical governor Chris Christie enjoys having things "both ways".  The large governor is determined to "bust unions", refuse federal funds, and slash state spending on education, infrastructure and public welfare while at the same time giving tax cuts to the wealthy and living a lavish personal life style. 

Photo by Karyn Ochiuzzo
Sure, the average citizen always takes a new 15 million dollar police helicopter to their son's base ball game, and has a motorcade of 4 cars drive from the landing zone to the base ball field.  Enduring the 100 yard walk between bird and ball field is a burden Christie will bear for the good of the Garden State. 

Is such ostentatious opulence, flaunted affluence and excessive entourage a little outrageous or it is warranted?  After all, Christie is the Big Governor, and is such an important person.  When he goes to his alma mater University of Delaware games, he shows up with a 4 car motorcade and multiple body guards.  Joe Biden, shows up in a car with 2 or 3 secret service guys - but he's just the Vice President, not the largest, angriest, most reactionary, loudest, ideological, hypocritical, over-hyped, increasing unpopular NJ Governor.

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