Friday, June 24, 2011

Van Goghing This Summer

I have an opportunity to visit the Netherlands later this summer, with a free hotel room in which to stay.  Many museums to visit, bicycles & trains to ride, country side to see.  If there are any "Must See!" recommendations from JustJoeP visitors, let me know this month if you can.  Coffee will be consumed in the Coffee Shops.  Dark beer might be consumed in the bars (this, as opposed to this) - but I've drank enough Heineken in my previous travels to China to last me a life time.
My Dutch sucks - comes across as more Germanic in pronunciation and grammar, from a French thinking cerebral cortex.  On my last business trip to The Netherlands 4 years ago, I found nearly all the city dwelling Dutch I encountered wanting to speak English... so I think I should be in good shape this time around.  Il faut voir - or rather - u moet zien.

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