Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Florence's Amazing Pipes

I mentioned last year (link here) how much I admired the voice of Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine.  She was on Colbert last night, and they performed Dog Days beautifully.  I am moved, to nearly have a tear in my eye when I hear her sing - I am not sure why.  Powerful vocals, beautifully delivered.  Have a listen here:

On the Colbert performance, she did a deep inhale at the 3:30 mark (on this video, of 3:39 on the Colbert video, here), and didn't deliver the end chord as I had remembered it.  Since I'd DVR'ed it, I re-wound and listened a 2nd time.  So much extra enhancement can be added in the studio, but Florence Welch's voice is naturally a phenomenon, that requires little-to-no post-production modification.


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