Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 More Republican Seats
Thanks to my buddy Mike S for pointing out this gem (link here) about how Texas is getting four more congressional seats, after that evil evil evil US Census that counted all the minorities across this great land.  But don't worry, friends of secessionist Rick Perry!  All of the new districts will be effectively gerrymandered to make sure that the single Democratic bastion of Austin, will continue to be eroded away at the edges, and all four new seats will be comfortably proportioned with Republican majorities!   Tom Delay may have been a terrible pest control company owner and despicable human being who was indicted and convicted on multiple crimes, but he Sure Did know how to gerrymander.. er.. I mean... redistrict, to keep the Republic of Texas free! Free from the intrusion of having to consider the less fortunate.  Free from Texans elected to federal offices who are to the left of Barry Goldwater. Free from the guilt of authentic history books, the scourge of worker's rights, and the influence of pesky elitists.

Gawd bless Texas!

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