Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peart on Letterman

Neil Peart was on Letterman this week.  I've always liked Dave since college when my friends (Dave, Steve, Craig - Steve and Craig who we just saw in Chicago with their wives last weekend!) and I used to watch Dave, and then go to the Dunkin Donuts in Terre Haute to finish our homework with multiple mutliple refills of coffee, as the strange denizens of Greyhound buses disgorged themselves at the "open all night" Dunkin Donuts - a favorite among Greyhound bus drivers passing through Terre Haute.  Neil concluded "drum solo week" on Letterman, though admittedly, I have absolutely no clue who the other drummers were, but it doesn't matter, since they concluded with (in my, and many old school drummers' opinions) the best modern drum set drummer of our time.

I must admit, Neil's solo was good, but not the most awesome I've ever heard him do.  then again, it was just Letterman.. not a paid concert.  Neil's been on this post-Buddy-Rich worshiping kick for a few years... and man... is he looking Much older than ever, but all in all, a nice performance.  If you did not see it - and thanks to my brother-in-law Chris for the head's up (link to Chris's Google-able tattoo shop here, very cool) - here's a link the CBS Late Show (here) and Youtube (here). 

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