Monday, November 30, 2009

Horsey's genius is not appreciated in South Carolina

Two weeks ago I heard a story on NPR about how Boeing is opening an assembly plant in North Charleston, SC to build the 787 "Dreamliner". The anti-union climate in SC, combined with an under-utilized deep water sea port on the Cooper River, combined with many millions in corporate tax break give-aways by the state made South Carolina too tempting for Boeing to pass up.

So Horsey ran this HILARIOUS cartoon in his hometown Seattle newspaper (link here).

And predictably, many South Carolinians got all worked up about it. (link here to their anger) It really hurts when it's true, huh? Yes, South Carolina does make fine Michelin Tires, and Bosch brakes, and BMW Z4s, and many other durable goods that have supplanted the formerly thriving textile industry that unions helped to drive out of the state 40 years ago. But remember, I LIVED THERE for 16 years. I worked with many of the citizens of SC, listened to their rhetoric, sermons, news casts, shop floor conversations, break room slights, bar room boasts, church picnic comments... etc, etc. For a large portion of the state, and it's inhabitants, Horsey nailed every detail beautifully. And besides, it's a cartoon! He apologized for the noose... though there's many in Lauren County would still wish they could use their nooses in storage. His critics and the venom they've tried to unload on him are laughable.

My congratulations to David Horsey, and I hope he continues his poignant, insightful, inspirational work!

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