Sunday, November 8, 2009

How-to Reset Wireless Windows Controls, Mazda 6

Back in August, my 2007 Mazda 6's battery reached 2 years old, and like most batteries in AZ that are in cars that get parked in sunny parking lots 5 days a week, in over 100F days 1/2 the year, the factory installed battery died on Doctor Desert Flower. SO I replaced the battery one night, but the passenger side windows NO LONGER worked on the driver's door. They worked OK on the passenger door control, but refused too respond on the driver's door.

So for a few months, we had no remote control of the passenger side window. Just Before going to Hawaii, we stopped by the local Mazda Dealer (the SW Phoenix dealer we bought the car from in 2007 when moving here has closed, so we had to go up to Bell Rd) to inquire if we need to set an appointment to leave the car while on vacation. The VERY HELPFUL service manager listens to the symptoms, walks out to the car with me, and does this:

- Hold Down the passenger side button, for 2 seconds, after the window fully opens.
- Close the window on the passenger side, using the passenger side button
- Hold up the passenger side button, for 2 seconds, after the window is full up

This RESETS the wireless signals, inside the car. And viola, the driver's door Once Again controls the passenger side on demand, as originally intended. I thanked the Service Manager profusely, and mentioned the anecdote of my son's Volvo V70 full of sand and unable to shift due to sand contamination in the shift-lock on the center counsel. I told him how the Charleston Volvo dealer charged $25 to JAM a screw driver in-between the shifter cowling and the plastic counsel face plate, that "loosened" the sand and allowed the shifter to shift. The Mazda Service Manager told me 'some dealers would charge $100 to do what I just showed you' - to hold a button up 2 seconds? Zoiks!

So remember, if you have a Mazda, or any vehicle with wireless door controls, and you change the battery, try holding the button UP for 2 seconds, and DOWN for 2 seconds, and the wireless system will reset.

This public service message brought to you courtesy of a Chicago Bear's Defense who apparently can't stop anyone, as I watch Arizona stomp them this afternoon. =(

Time for a third beer.

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