Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pandora Stations on Joe's Computer

Dr Desert Flower mentioned that her company has many Pandora enthusiasts. Here's a sampling of some the Pandora radio stations I've created in the last 2 years, living in Phoenix and having a 20Meg/sec fiber nose a block away from my home to stream it in:

Jane's Addiction
System of a Down
The Apex Theory
Jon Hassell & Brian Eno
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Art of Noise
They Might Be Giants
Everything But the Girl
Thievery Corporation
Nine Inch Nails
Prefab Sprout
and of course, the oldest station..

(A mix of excellent drumming, acoustic, and iconclastic tastes, to listen to when working)

On the radio, about 2 or 3 times a week, I keep hearing Hockey - "they've got a good beat, and I can dance to it" (A.Bandstand generic quote for the kids). Pandora does not yet have "Hockey" in their genome yet... sadly.


  1. Coldplay? Really? Worst band name....ever. I can just see the record company execs sitting around a focus group table coming up with that one...

    "We want something edgy, but not offensive."

    "Yeah, we wouldn't want to alienate the Christian demographic."

    "We have to be careful...we might end up with another 'Smell the Glove' moment."

    Give this one a listen:
    Part Dave Grohl on drums, part Joey Castillo. One of the tightest bands I've ever heard.

  2. Well... DDF does use the desktop occasionally as well =)

    the name is not a good one, and granted it's fluff pop music, but some of their songs I really do like. I was driving yesterday, and Black Eyed Peas came on the radio... and I did not turn them off... I'm getting less judgmental I think, in my old age. I've heard good things about Songs for the Deaf.

  3. need to get to a doctor. Humans with functioning autoimmune systems, intact brain cells, and taste would have ripped the stereo out of the car and thrown it out the window in response to Black-Eyed Peas...especially if Fergie was on the song. That "My Humps" song makes me homicidal.

    And it's not about getting less judgmental: it's about sanity.

  4. LOL - no, it was not "Humps". And I was going on 6 hours since lunch, after being on a 16 foot ladder, a foot from a dusty ceiling, changing a ballast on an old metal halide light fixture at a non-profit where I help out... so maybe I inhaled some old AZ dust and started suffering from a mild case of delusional valley fever.

  5. Probably the most benign disease you could get when associating with the Black Eyed Peas...


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