Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another reason I hate CINOs: Psalm 109.8 for Obama

If you're gonna choose to be a Christian, that's fine. I'm happy for you, and I won't hold it against you if you really live your life like the new testament Jesus did - the world would be a better place with more non-materialistic, socialist leaning, philanthropic, tolerant Jesus emulators. But when you say you're a Christian, and then you pray to make Michelle Obama a widow and his daughters childless... you're a CINO (Christian in name only) of the lowest order.

Let His Days Be Few, And Let Another Take His Office
Let His Children Be Fatherless, And His Wife A Widow.

Rachel Maddow had this nice story (link here), illustrating the evil that CINOs are now propagating.

It saddens me to see "Christians" sink so low. I do understand count-downs to the end of a Presidential term in office, sure... but to wish Old Testament severity upon the nation's overwhelmingly popularly elected Chief Executive... I don't get.

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