Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let the Stupid, Paranoid & Mis-informed Not Get Vaccinated

Dr Desert Flower and I were watching a taped Real Time last weekend together on our DVR, when we heard Bill Maher spouting BS about pesticides in the H1N1 vaccine. What the?? The Internet is a wonderful thing, when used to search facts, and those facts are read and understood. It's a terrible thing in the hands of the ill-informed.

Let all the anti-guvmint fear mongers and their disciples not get vaccinated. That will help alleviate the difficulties in supply that have been happening recently, and it'll help the Darwinian progression of culling them from the gene pool. The risks to pregnant women of getting normal influenza FAR OUT WEIGH the minuscule risks when getting the vaccine. Yes, minuscule, tiny, nearly zero. I rely on SCIENCE, not on conspiracy theory or talking heads (though I DO have all their albums, ba-dum-pish! - M.Taylor) for my health care decisions.

Scared, poorly informed, worried people are so easily manipulated by fear mongering demagogues. It's sad.

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