Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feline Disdain during vocal NFL retorts

Athena is not pleased when the human she owns YELLS loudly at the TV as the Bears commit stupid penalties, and miss one defensive play after another.

1 MGD, 2 Sol, and 2 Tecate later, my apathy is not lacking, though hope appears to be vanquished this afternoon chez moi & at Soldier Field. Arizona is playing their 2nd string. ugh.

I think, I am becoming a Sol Man... it's not a bad beer. MGD is mother's milk to me - never causing even the slightest headache or hangover, ever, to me... but since Halloween, when I bought a case of Tecate/Dos XX Especial, Sol, and Dos XX amber as a prop for my costume, I've become a fan of Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma beers.

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  1. ...and yes, it WAS just 5 beers, and like all beer, 5 doesn't even get me slightly tipsy. It takes hard liquor to drive my Polish liver to a state of saturation that brings blood alcohol to 0.1 or higher.

    And whiskey is no carb! =)


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