Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Praying Mantes Flourish

This tiny male was seen out front last week (around the much un-liked hose reel posting).

He was hunting on the purple sage bushes that border the north side of the driveway. I'd seen others in the palms in the back yard - having grown up in sub-urban Chicagoland, I was not used to seeing these critters. Here in AZ they seem to be ubiquitous in my yard.

(It's mantes, not mantii, or manties)

Yesterday, while valving off the pool heater at the end of the day, I spotted this much larger female on the patio door screen. I hope she enjoys the numerous crickets back there. And if the tiny front yard male is brave enough to head to the backyard, copulate, and then be devoured.. I wish it all the best.

They do live almost a whole year... at the males who never get any do, and the females do.

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