Saturday, November 21, 2009

Palin's angry mob of Hoosiers turns on her

Tip of the hat to my buddy Matt and to Andrew Sullivan on this link to former Palin enthusiasts turned angry mob when she shuns them. Max Cat may enjoy this, as it is in his neck of the woods up there in Nobelsville IN. Direct link here. The contrasts to fundamentalist loon Huckabee are pretty humourous in the comments section.


  1. Who's left for them not to be mad at? Would be funny if it weren't so sad.

  2. I can understand waiting 15 hours for Miley Cyrus tix or a chance to win a car with the last hand touching but for a useless quitter and embarrassment as she is, these folks all got what they deserve. The store mgr was not looking forward to all other business being chased away for the day. It is embarrassing for anyone who lives here for this herd of zombies to appear to be our neighbors. Who else can they be mad at - they are mad at Borders for following the wishes of her promoter. Go figure.

  3. "herd of zombies" LMFAO!!! =)
    (on my 4th beer as I watch da Bears blow it)

  4. I can't wait until all her 'fans' turn against her and chase her through the streets with pitchforks....


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