Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TDS Again Skewers Main Stream "News"

Several weeks ago, The Daily Show eviscerated the former news network CNN with their pathetic "leave it there" tag line and lack of actual fact checking & substance. CNN used to be the "standard" in cable news when they first started. Now, they're a vacuous pop-culture joke that rivals TMZ or E!

Last week, TDS recapped how Fox News intentionally confounds "News, Entertainment, and Opinion" after Fox News Senior Vice President Michael Clemente's claim that 'Fox's designated "news" hours are from 9AM to 4PM and 6-8PM.' Oh really? Too damn funny! And absolutely true! If you have not seen the poignant clip, the link is here.

"Opinutainment" - for those who love the kool aid.

It's a sad statement that it takes a COMEDY SHOW to point this out, but it is a credit to the fastidiousness that TDS's writing staff and researchers repeatedly, consistently demonstrate.

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