Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick of hearing "Allegedly"

Sick of hearing "Allegedly" - When a man shoots dozens of people, and himself gets shot 4 times, he is NOT the "Alleged" shooter. He's THE SHOOTER. He's "Allegedly mentally ill". He's "Allegedly very disturbed". He's "Allegedly not got a very bright future being held in a federal prison, and living long while incarcerated in the US legal system." But he did not "Allegedly shoot" anyone. He killed 13, and wounded 29.

There's no "allegedly" about it.


  1. I understand what you mean, but it is a longstanding news convention in the spirit of "innocent until proven guilty" in court. It also shields those lawyers, politicians, and news folks from any legal action from the alleged perps. who do end up proven innocent.

  2. When you have more than a dozen bodies, and the shooter has 4 bullet holes in him, and the woman who put those 4 bullet holes in him was shot by the shooter as well... it makes the "justice system" redundant.

    Today, the hospitalized piece of merde refused to talk to FBI investigators, and lawyer-ed up. Fine. Don't answer any questions. Just die a very painful death, in prison. Get it over with as soon as possible. The nation can put this nutcase behind us, and go about hunting down proponents of such massacres, around the world, wherever they are hiding and snickering.


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