Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pox News

Sesame street spoof Fox as Pox news. They'd already lampooned CNN as the GNN (the Grouch News Network - before Lou Dobbs left) and no one cared, but Rupert can't have the Children's Television Workshop trying to corrupt the minds of young Republicans... or at least the mind of children of young Republican parents who neglect their children to go off an blog about how terrible CTW is.

Incorrectly, I believe, PBS apologized to Pox.

Huffington Post's take on it is here.

But, Colbert's take on it, is HILARIOUS! Link here.
"Our Muppet masters, have been turning Children into alphabet reciting, snuffalupagus hallucinating, elmo ticklers."

"I would much rather my children watch opinion chicken Glenn Beak squawk about how President Barack Opossum wants to euthanize Big Bird and legalize Burt-Ernie marriage."
- LOL!!!

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