Monday, November 30, 2009

Mixed Bag In British Scientific Publications

Dr Desert Flower and I read SCIENCE, and check out medical and scientific journal postings from time to time on things we find interesting or relevant. Some journals are better than others. Canadian studies, we have to LOOK at closely to make sure their methods / funding / populations are sound sometimes... more than others. Many British journals are usually pretty good. Recently, my buddy Ron has provided 2 examples of British science reporting, with a stark contrast:
Misguided cr*p (I know this book. Your conclusions were all wrong Ryan... Halsey acted stupidly.)
Factual reporting with sound conclusions
both regarding what one eats in regard to one's wellness.
"In urban south Indians, total dietary carbohydrate and glycaemic load are associated with increased, and dietary fibre with decreased, risk of type 2 diabetes."

... and Dr Desert Flower and I were out shopping for new pants for me yesterday, as my "old man" jeans at a 40 inch waist are massively baggy, and so were the 38s I tried... but the 36s were actually comfortable. The last time I wore a 36 waist was during Bush Sr's administration, 20 years ago, before loading up on carbs and bread and noodles and rice... I will continue to take a low carb stance, and encourage anyone else who struggles with their blood sugar, hunger, or weight to do the same as well.


  1. Good thing we have wives! Mine recently forced me to buy clothes that actualy fit, too. Makes quite a difference!


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