Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stick to Education, and away from Banking, Federal Government, etc

Tucson Arizona's School Superintendent would NEVER make it as a banker or a Congress Woman. Yesterday Elizabeth Celania-Fagen announced she will return the $20,000 bonus she was just given back to the Tucson school district to assist them in educating the children of Southern Arizona. AZ Star reports: "She said she felt it was the right decision, considering that a number of employees have not had raises in a couple of years".

In her job for 2 years, doing very well, she deserved the bonus from all accounts I've read, but she gives it back? How un-selfish of her. How considerate of her many employees!


  1. This one made Olberman's Best Persons list :)

  2. I have tried to watch K.O. ... and sometimes he's very good. But other times, he verges on being Hannity-esque in his histrionics. Yes, K.O. has MUCH better researchers than anyone on Pox news, but his emotional pleas I just don't "truck with" to quote Twain.

    Rachel Maddow delivers similar topical content WITHOUT the hand wringing and "you LIED!" accusations... so I tend to DVR her instead =)

    that said... Olbermann can be entertaining sometimes.

  3. Agreed. I watch Olberman for Worst Persons and as a good catalog of Republican and Conservadem idiocy. It's like Cops, but with more potential carnage and fewer civil rights violations.


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