Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver Carp Attacking Chicago & the Great Lakes

I'd heard about these imported Asian Carp invading the Illinois River several years ago. If the US Army Corp of Engineers had not dug a canal to reverse the flow of the Illinois River, connecting the Mississippi River & Lake Michigan, then this would not be a threat. But... the invasive species, who have already taken over large parts of the Mississippi River, have now made it past an electrified barrier in the Illinois River, and will soon be taking over Lake Michigan.

If these were little fish, the invasion would be another sad testament of clueless men tampering with Nature (intentionally importing the asian carp to "clean" algae from ponds) and having no idea what secondary and tertiary effects that tinkering will have. But these are Big fish - 80 to 100 lbs. and they jump, at boats, traveling 10 to 15 mph out of the water. Ouch! Trout, perch, Coho, smelt... good luck with the new massive Asian competition who will crowd you out, gobble you up, and attack the fishermen who want to catch you.

Video links here, here, and here. (nice bow shot!)
EPA link here.
2005 population graph, here. (nice exponential growth)


  1. Surely we can fish these to extinction if we put out minds to it. Overhunting and overfishing is one of our core competencies! We are awesome at it! And there are still enough Poles and other eastern europeans in Chicago to get on board with carp fishing. No limit, no season, heck, even offer a bounty. Problem solved.

  2. There's just something appealing about a fish that fights back. Imagine large herds of these hurling themselves at degenerate redneck "anglers". Hell...they might even be impervious to dynamite!

  3. Have you ever had carp? I have... it really is a tasteless bottom feeder. yes, it can be jazzed up with sauces.... but... it's not very appealing.

    Though I do not own a boat... I've always had a fondness for Lake Michigan, and it sucks to see it being invaded by non-native species.

    I DO hope that these can be fished into non-existence. Turn them into fertilizer or pet food or something else.

    Of all the outdoor "sports" that rednecks and others indulge upon, pole fishing is the least offensive to me, as long as they are not trying to wipe out an apex predator, top of the food chain fish (like swordfish). I don't have the patience for fishing, but I do not begrudge those who do, and it can be very therapeutic when done in moderation. I do not understand the worship of the "sport" that many "anglers" have developed. Bow hunting is also not as offensive to me - and it's a skill I've never mastered.

  4. much of the American diet? That should work out perfectly!


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