Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Road

As the father of a single son, a fan of Cormac McCarthy's work, and considering the fact I've always had a bizarre fascination with post apocalyptic landscapes... I think I am going to try and see this film by director John Hillcoat this weekend. (link to IMDB here. link to trailer here.)

The map they show in the trailer looks almost like the coast of New Hampshire, but the roads are all different.

Charlize Theron is in it... and I've always liked her work.

'You oughta know not to stand by the window
somebody might see you up there
I got some groceries, some peanut butter
to last a couple of days'

I've got more than Viggo's three bullets. Lots more.

Dr Desert Flower probably wont want to see it - it's not a really "light toned" or "uplifting" cinema, and she let's me go alone (Hurt Locker, Schindler's List, Children of Men, etc). Anyone in Phoenix wanna see it with me? It is at AMC Deer valley in the North and on Shea in the East... nuthin on my side of town.


  1. I thought the book was great, will definitely see the movie when it's out here.

  2. Reminds me of A Boy and His Dog...except without Don Johnson...or the talking dog...or the women hell-bent on force-mating with whatever man they can find.

  3. I saw this Sunday morning.

    Unrelenting. Intense. "Dark" does not begin to describe it.

    Theater had about 50 people in it.

    Everyone who sat within 20 feet of me (about 2 dozen people in the center of the theater), who I could hear at the end of the film as credits rolled, were crying, sniffling, significantly and deeply affected by the 2 hour movie.

    My comment to Trac when I picked her up from work after the movie: "Do you have a spatula in the lab? I believe my very soul has been crushed."

  4. F-in' A!... My son suggested this movie to see with me tonight, and I said, "YES!" But then I searched and found it is no longer playing in Reno... anywhere... at all. That just sucks. WTF? I think Alex has an appreciation for not-so-mainstream films.

  5. Not only that.. but this film uses abandoned parts of the PA Turnpike. The PA Turnpike is an integral part on my early youth. My family despised it and always preferred going "Old 40" instead when traveling to Martin's Ferry, my Mom's birthplace in Ohio. If you want a taste of Eastern-US-but-not-the-coast-or-big-cities, you have to travel "Old 40". Often we went via the PA Turnpike, and hated the toll booths every few miles.

  6. US40 ran right in front of Rose Hulman where I went to school. A fine part of Americana... and my lifeline to the outside world while at the all male hell hole at the time. The bleak bleak bleak scene of an elevated highway was probably western PA. Credits said movie was shot in W PA, OR (Mt Helens), and Louisiana.


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