Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Effective Vice President" ??

Talk of the Nation on NPR this afternoon, has Ken Rudin saying "Vice President Cheney was the most effective Vice President of all time". ??? WTF?

Yes, if by "effective", you mean
- effective in isolating American Internationally and squandering the good will universally extended to us on September 12th 2001.

- effective in getting no bid contracts for his cronies at Haliburton / KBR, including the building of defective showers that have killed dozens of US service men in Iraq.

- effective in revealing the names of covert CIA agents

- effective in lowering the tone of discourse in American Politics by telling Senator Leahy to go f*ck himself" on the Senate floor

- effective in being a massive hypocrite by participating in a party that denies equal rights to gay couples when his own daughter is in a committed lesbian relationship in which she just had a daughter with her "partner". I guess when you're really really rich and politically connected, it's fine to not have any rights in a relationship and tell others what they can do in their bed rooms and with their uteruses (uterii?).

Yes Ken, Cheney was very effective. Katrina was an effective Hurricane. Bush was an effective idiot & decider. The Black Plague was an effective population limiter for Europe. Small Pox was an effective gift to the indigenous peoples of the Americas from their new European friends. John Rutsey was an effective first album drummer for Rush.

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