Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joe's Blog Round-up & Random Anecdots

A collective of many short entries, for your information and amusement:

Rufus Blooter - flame throwers & hearing

Hyperlipid - Lardo, mmmmmm

Crooks and Liars has Wanda Sykes mocking Ann Colter

Pharyngula shows evolution in 2 minutes

Huffington Post's take on how Goldman Sachs got H1N1 virus vaccines before health care workers, kids, and pregnant women.
which SNL & then Lewis Black ranked on as well on the TDS.

...and a random but humorous old SNL skit on Bar Flies:

Guano - (a new category here): Bachmann's cluelessness

Wingnut militias - describing an video game to promote civil war against "Obama's Coup"

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