Friday, November 27, 2009

God's Hands

Dr Desert Flower's mom sent this one. God's Hands, Ultraviolet Light, Push-Buttons... what more does a girl need? Leaving Victoria Secret swimming in their wake, the Chinese forge boldly ahead.

Made in China (home of tainted baby formula, tooth paste, dog food, dry wall, low quality steel, lead painted toys, etc) I am sure this product is safe, effective, and just what every woman needs. Just in time for the holiday gift giving season too!

"A B-cup for work, a C-cup for shopping, and a D-cup for partying.” Link here.


  1. Can't pass by this one. Isn't this another example of false advertising? To be tempted and drawn by a the prospect of C-D and then the "big" reveal shows a disappointing B. Has anyone ever heard of truth in advertising? We are changing the rules as they apply to credit cards, no inflating rates without proper notice - I think that this example should have proper notice of inflation. Since no married man would ever purchase or be fooled by one of these, the only targeted group is the single dude, trolling for the future. Can you imagine the conversation? "Uh, where did your hot sister go?" Just this cromag's opinion.

  2. Does it make that noise when you activate it?

  3. Ouch... Steve... "disappointing B" =) ... I personally LIKE the B, but your comment has me chuckling here this morning.

    I've been to China, many times. This product is perfect for the Chinese market, where +90% of the women I saw in Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Shenzhen, Dailian, Wuxi, Chongqing appeared to have the physique of a 12 year old boy generally. Going from A to B would be a giant increment for those 450 million potential Chinese female customers.

    Also quite insightful is your comment of "fooled by" - I am of the perspective that wait staff who are working for tips (bar tenders, waitresses, etc) should be allowed to falsely advertise as much as they want to garner the largest tips from male customers who are fixated on such contours. This product could help in the bolstering of service sector wages in the form of enhanced cash flow through tips. =)

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  5. Warning to devout blog readers... earlier today a SPAM bot posted an evil ink here in the COMMENTS of this posting. I DID NOT click on it.. but I checked the properties.. and it diverted the reader to a active X using site... so I DELETED it.

    First time that we've been hit on this blog with such a spamming comment. Probably won't be the last.


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