Friday, May 28, 2010

My Familiar

My Familiar has bonded with her main domestic source of testosterone quite strongly. Over the last 3 or 4 months, she's begun to follow me throughout the house, wherever I go - something she's rarely ever done in the last 16 years. Dr Desert Flower and I think she might be getting cataracts, and relying upon hearing, smell and touch more than sight.

I've set up a stack of boxes, just under my office window, covered in a soft towel (to catch her hair) where she can perch just below the window sill at almost eye level with me when I am sitting at my desk. Sometimes, when I am on a particularly stressful work conference call, or dealing with an irate customer, it's quite relaxing to just watch her sleep.

She's lost 5 lbs over the last year, and is down to 11 lbs now, sharing the same "elderly cat / high fiber / indoor / hairball control" Science Diet as her leptin deficient, morbidly obese 18 lbs sister. While pear shaped sister is afraid of her own shadow, my Familiar is rather fearless, she just doesn't like to be held upside down, and will deeply claw you to remind you if you happen to try and invert her while holding her. She kills insects, spiders, arches up to scare away feral cats who approach the patio glass doors, rules the couch, plops herself down on the bed (which is leptin cat's primary domain) whenever she pleases. She's the alpha cat, and "owns" the house.

She's been an excellent Familiar and has acclimated to the desert quite nicely - as long as I brush out her undercoat 3 or 4 times a year with our furminator blue handled brush, filling up a empty tissue box stuffed with cat fur in the process. I hope that someday, in the next 3 to 5 years, when inevitably her telomerase stop normally activity, and she dies of old age, it is in her sleep, quietly, and not with extreme pain, stress, and suffering. Just having her around has helped reduce my cortisone level, and are contributing to my wellness.


  1. Now that's a fine cat. Sounds like winding down on a great life. We need cats here.

  2. Cats, unless one is anaphylactically allergic to them (and I am quite allergic, but I mitigate it with antihistamines, tooth brush or glove brushing) are wonderful creatures. I like dogs too, but dogs are alot more work, and are so very needy of their pack leader. I've never understood people who "hate" cats. Preferring dogs over cats, I can understand, but "hate"? I don't get that.

    As I type this, my familiar is once again on her perch behind me. She's taken to watching DVR'ed Dr Who episodes with me as well, whether I have a drink on the couch next to her, or I'm riding the stationary bike beside the chaise lounge that she apparently owns =)

  3. My collegemate's uncle have around 40 cats in his house. when i visited for the first time, i could not sleep in the night. Always 5 cats are in that room. It was terrible experiance with Cats. Atleast you have only one, which is good.

  4. 40 Sundar, yikes that must've really smelled. Dr Desert Flower has often said that if she had not met me she would become the "crazy old cat lady" - but I think she'd stop around 5 or 6 (hopefully). She does have hygiene standards =)


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