Friday, May 21, 2010

AZ BUYcotters Referred to Hispanic Businesses

On KJZZ's Here and Now program this week, Attorney Grady Gammage and Columnist Jon Talton joined host Steve Goldstein to discuss passage of AZ 1070 - the "Show Me Your Papers Please" immigration law enforcement bill (audio link here). They talked about the "Kook-aucracy" that Arizona has installed, through extremist primaries where "neither Ronald Reagan nor Barry Goldwater could win a primary today" if they ran since they don't pass all the wing nut litmus tests and loyalty pledges.

Towards the end of the interview, it was mentioned that there's been many calls for a "buycott" by other red states to intentionally try and buy as much as they can from Arizona to support the xenophobic policies, and Talton said "yes, and they are being referred to Hispanic owned businesses" by the chamber of commerce and other civic and state agencies! Awesome!

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