Monday, May 3, 2010

Maximo Tempranillo 2006

Maximo Tempranillo 2006, Vino de La Tierra de Castilla, which I picked up for all of $6 at Trader Joe's, is a remarkable wine. It's dark color is juxtaposed to its light taste. It has a long mineral finish, and provides a mouthful of flavor, complex, but not over-powering. Subtle, but firm - Dr Desert Flower and I thoroughly enjoyed 1/2 the bottle last night accompanying Trader Joe's meatballs and puttanesca sauce, and I finished it today with a glass at lunch and another at dinner.

I did not notice any tobacco, or licorice, or mint, all of which I don't believe have any place in a drinkable bottle of wine, despite reviewers here and here and here and here who thought it had some. I highly recommend it, as a compliment to any Spanish or Italian meal with a bit of spice to it. At $6 a bottle, if you get a bad one, how much of a loss is it really? Hopefully yours will be as good as ours was!

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