Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today we got a notice on our home's front door, informing us that the street in front of our home will be "fogsealed" sometime in the next 2 weeks, and not to park on the street during this period of time. Well, we never park on the street. I grew up in a home with a very crowded 2 car garage into which one large 70s car could barely be squeezed - the rest was full of junk, that took 40 years for my parents to finally get rid of. Our 2 cars fit nicely into our Arizona garage, no problem. But fogsealing?

First of all, what the hell is "fogsealing"? We don't get fog here, and it's so windy, I can't image "fogging" the road effectively. A Google search showed nothing is "fogged", it is sprayed.
And what they spray, is nasty:
"The emulsion soap is designed to penetrate
into small pores on the pavement surface, and the residue contains asphalt, rejuvenator oil, and polychloroprene latex polymer. After 1:1 dilution with water, the emulsion residue content was 37.5%, and the viscosity was 22 seconds Saybolt-Furol. Western Emulsions sprayed the
material with a Bearcat distributor. The emulsion was 170 degrees F."

Ew. The Phoenix City door hanging flier states to not drive through it for 3 hours after the application, to allow for drying. Yuck.

Our subdivision street is only 6 years old. 7 years ago, this was a farmer's field, and years before that, it was Sonoran desert. The road is not cracked, or pot-holed, and appears to be in better shape than any Indiana road of the same age I'd ever driven upon, but ok... use my tax dollars to seal it, and to spray nasty chemicals onto the road in front of my home. I guess.

If the road was 10 or 15 or 20 years old, and in rough shape, sure, seal it. But a 6 year old, little used, hardly-any-heavy-truck-traffic street, it seems superfluous.

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