Friday, May 14, 2010

Yellow Tail Failure

I try to not malign a wine (or any food or beverage product) until it has proven itself to be inferior. Over the years, I've tried 3 different varieties of Yellow Tail Australian wines. I've tasted partial glasses of Shiraz, Cabernet, and Chardonnay, on occasions of gatherings of Scientists in South Carolina at Dr Desert Flower's former employer, at social gatherings where it was the only wine available, and at several private social parties. On each occasion, I found the wine to be vastly inferior swill, and have never been able to finish a glass. Notes of
- paint solvent
- tobacco
- mushrooms
- old socks
- musty closets
- moldy basements
where memorable. Sinks, toilets, and potted plants were the recipients of the remainder of the glasses I'd poured.

Nearly every wine store and grocery I have been to in AZ and SC sells this swill. I know lots of nice people who actually enjoy drinking it, but I avoid it like a vampire avoids garlic. Multiple bad bottles, over a span of years, I have no interest in trying this nasty stuff again. Many Australian wine producers bottle some wonderful stuff, but I cannot say I have ever had a good glass of Yellow Tail.

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