Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"They 'trust me', dumb f*cks"

Mark Zuckerberg is evil (link here).
How did you get all that info (on other Harvard grads)?
"They 'trust me', dumb f*cks" .. was his reply.

I've deactivated my FB account, and I'll be deleting it next month. the amount of FB activated spam I've been getting on my personal Gmail account, is ridiculous. Go to Openbook (link here) to see how all of your FB information is completely open to the public. FB privacy settings are a joke.


  1. This was the best one I found for Ame...

    " Ashley Bartlett Dennys just isn't the ame with out my wives =[
    5 hours ago via Text Message Deltona, Florida "

    Wives? ummm... I would have thought Utah. But, I guess TX is about right too. LOL.

    btw- FB had heaps of privacy options - you just have to opt into them. Which is a pain, since they do not publish. I tend to post up when they get a new option, as do some of my other friends. But, it is a pain.

    - you cannot leave yourself signed into FB and look at the web. As they will mind what you are surfing.

    - you cannot click on any ads on FB as they will send your information to the advert company (regardless of if the company wants it or not. see here

    here is a cool graphic on FB privacy - or lack there of - by a IBM researcher... http://mattmckeon.com/facebook-privacy/

    I do understand dropping the app completely - but there are some people who I only see on FB. Well, what is going on in their lives. I don't really post anything.

  2. here is another good site for FB's eroding privacy settings.


  3. yeah, I modified my settings, and it didn't make a bit of difference.. in fact.. I think it increased the spam I get, and intrusions. I am boycotting FB.


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