Monday, May 17, 2010

Her Cheap White Sister Is Delicious Too!

Last week I raved about how good the cheap Vola Sangiovese was that we picked up at Trader Joe's. The Trebbiano Pinot Grigio we had last Thursday and Friday, and found it crisp, with a light mineral finish, not over-bearing. It tasted much more like a $9 or $10 bottle than it did a $2 bottle.

Well, yesterday we drove up to Arrow Head's Trader Joe's, for our weekly grocery pilgrimage, and were delighted to find they had a similarly LARGE front display of this inexpensive vintage. They also had a tasting on-going, wherein the Trader Joe's lady pouring stated this was a 'limited one time buy'. We picked up a case of red and a case of white. If you come to dinner chez nous, these will be the 2nd bottles we shall open. If we come to visit you in your home, be assured, we'll be bringing a bottle or two of these (along with other less cheap varieties as well).

I haven't bought a case of wine in many years, but it is rare indeed to buy 2 cases and pay less than $50 for 24 bottles. Good stuff. Buy it while it lasts.

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