Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recoleta Malbec Bonarda

Early Saturday morning, I tried to go to a Farmer's Market here on the west side of Phoenix, only to find it is not held EVERY Saturday, but Every Other Saturday... grrrrr. So next Saturday I will go, but I still wanted to pick up some fruits, veggies, cheese, and what not, so I stopped at my local Fresh & Easy on the way home.

On sale there, they had the 2008 Recoleta Malbec / Bonarda from Argentina, for all of $3.99. I've had this wine before (an empty bottle stands in my kitchen, on top of the cabinets, along with 50 other good finds) and remembered vaguely, that I liked it - I don't keep the bottles of the nasty wines that I cannot recommend.

Dr Desert Flower and I went over to our friend's Tory & Alan's to watch Netflix selection Inglorious Bastards, and I took my cheap purchase. I'd forgotten that I'd given Alan a bottle to try late last year, and he had enjoyed that one as well. So he and I split this one while watching Tarantino's silly WWII movie, opening it before the California Pinot Noir that cost twice as much but didn't taste twice as good, or even much better. It's not just Alan and I who liked this wine, alot of other reviewers online liked it was well (links here, here, and here). The bottles I have tried didn't have any hints of "camphor" though... ew, not a note I'd want in a wine. I try not to reject / criticize / defame a bad wine until I've tasted at least 2 different bottles, with both being very bad. Recoleta is a good, inexpensive, drinkable Malbec.

I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. oh, and a note on the label.. this is about as "fancy" as I like to get on a wine bottle label before I scoff at it, or suspect it of being all marketing, and no substance.

  2. Dang. you beat me to the punch on the fanciness of the label. :)


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