Monday, May 24, 2010

We Got Fez'ed

Saturday night, we had symphony tickets (Great Opera Choruses - it was well performed, but not much to write about, other than to say the majority of the audience were born during the Coolidge and Harding administrations, and among the younger ticket holders, as one of the few a straight males attending, I was one of the least fabulously dressed. I'm not really MOVED by opera choruses).

Before dinner, we had reservations at Fez on central. We'd seen that they were included in the Symphony Club's "10% Discount" list for ticket holders (basically means, you don't pay tax in Arizona), and had heard nice things about the place. Well we pulled up, and there as a large Rugby party on-going on the patio. Several teams were there, enjoying happy hour, as we walked up in symphony attire (suit & tie for me, nice dress / skirt / heels for Dr. Desert Flower).. and I thought.. "well, we'll see see...".

We were seated quickly at our reserved table - the place was packed. Our cordial server Candace Jean was delayed in taking our order by a previously large table, but once she took it - and I let her know we needed to be out in an hour for the symphony - our drinks arrived promptly, and a GIANT appetizer - romaine chicken lettuce wraps arrived a moment later. Wow! It was a Large mound of dried pears, dates, cherries, almonds, minced chicken, in a delicious pomegranate vinaigrette. Just typing this here, my mouth is watering, in remembrance of this succulent dish, which we devoured.

DDF's Apricot martini was the essence of apricots. Fragrant, tasty, wonderful. My house Cabernet [it was happy hour, oly $3 =) heh heh heh] was fine. The main courses arrived as we polished off the last of the lettuce wraps - I got the Lemon Caper Chicken and DDF got the Apricot Salmon. Scrumptious! Great! Savoury. A fantastic first impression, truly.

Excellent, friendly, prompt service. Mouth watering food. A pleasant atmosphere. And we got out of there for less than soixante-quinze (sixty and 15... or 75 in English) dollars. I've had pathetic Phoenix meals for alot more (Yard House, et al), and so-so meals for just as much. Tom Jetland's kitchen produces amazing creations. We'll be back.

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