Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Not A Fan Of Bland Beef

During an ethanol, cheese & local fruit run to Costco last week, I picked up these Quick'N Eat! Fully Cooked Angus Beef Patties, made by Lopez Foods, Oklahoma City OK. 12 patties for $10. It's been years since I had Angus beef at home, so I though "less than a dollar a patty... that's not bad." Well, it's not that good either.

They're kinda bland. Yes, they're relatively cheap and very convenient - pop them in the microwave and irradiate them, and they're sizzling hot and ready to eat, but after trying to melt several cheeses on it, covering it with various leftover sauces, and trying my best to keep an open mind, I cannot recommend these pre-cooked patties.

If I had a house full of hungry teenagers, or various progeny or party goers to feed, or I was starving, this could possibly be an option. But for the discerning pallet, they are rather lack luster. Good beef should speak for itself, without a plethora of sauces or cheeses being required to make it mouthwatering. These are more or less, just digestible protein filler.


  1. i'm surprised you went for something pre-cooked. did this set off a red flag at purchase time?

  2. I saw the "pre-cooked" label and thought "it might be good" - sadly, it was not. I was in a hurry as well. I gotta learn to take things slower, and reduce my cortisone levels.

  3. We do up ground beef into burger patties and freeze them for a quick meal later.

    At costco they have the wax paper (I think) sheets in pre-cut size (I know, I know, how lazy can I be - but it works well for christmas / cookie season). Anyway, I take the pre-cut paper, put 1 patty on it and then place that in a freezer bag. Then, it's easy just to pull out one or two.

    Only bad thing is if you have finished them all up and not placed new ones in the freezer. :)

    also - pre-cooked anything is going to be BAD. aside from the taste issue. you are going to have lots of fillers and wierd stuff. why, I have no idea. but, it's almost a given.


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