Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not a Maverick

Thanks to Dr Desert Flower for this gem:

I am still convinced that any screw ups that President Obama has made, pale in comparison to those made by his predecessor, or - ewwww shudder - President Palin would make after the stress of the office killed her septuagenarian running mate.


  1. ah, the president made a funny. i smiled.

    Joe -- AZ is crashing in around you! What's up with Zurich?

  2. Yeah, First SC starts to go bonkers, and now AZ wants to embrace the future, like it's the 1930s or something. Things could be worse, I could be a Massachusetts tea bagger who pushed for truck/human hybrid Scott Brown to get elected, only to see him march mostly in lock step with Mitch-the-Turtle from Kentucky and the rest of the "say-no-ers"... while completely ignoring the Big Guvmint intrusion into my personal rights with having to show "papers" whenever law enforcement wants me to.... but I am not that stupid or hypocritical.

    In Zurich, where all 4 of Switzerland's minarets exist, they're paranoid about a different kind of brown person... one who doesn't speak with a Spanish accent, but with an Eastern Mediterranean one... hmmmm =P


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