Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Puttanesca, mmmm

Last week, Dr Desert Flower and I tried a new jarred tomato sauce from Trader Joes that was phenomenal! Puttanesca - I'd never heard of it before - "pü-tä-ˈnes-kä; adjective, Etymology: Italian, short for alla puttanesca, literally, in the style of a prostitute. Date: 1969 : served with or being a pungent tomato sauce typically containing olives, garlic, capers, hot pepper, and sometimes anchovies" (per M-W) .

It was tasty with turkey meatballs. It had a small kick, and should not be eaten with severely chapped lips, but it was delicious. I highly recommend it.

Trader Giotto's Puttanesca 25 oz (709g) [UPC code 00932622]

whole Italian tomatoes
tomato puree
olive oil
black olives
kalamata olives / red wine vinegar / salt EVOO
anchovy paste (anchovies, olive oil, acetic acid)
white pepper
crushed red pepper
[Note the Lack of added sugar!]

I do like to make my own sauces, but when in a hurry, it's nice to have ready-to-serve alternatives. Trader Giotto's Puttanesca will now be part of that pantry arsenal.

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  1. I used to have a recipe from an Italian friend for this sauce. Pungent and delicious.


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