Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pandora's indispensible presence

Dr. Desert Flower encouraged me to start exploring Pandora Radio earlier this year, since we have a good fiber optic line into the router, and this ZT systems desktop can handle an adequate data stream ("welcome to 2002" Tim Beitz told me last February). I now find the presence of Pandora stations playing in the background to be indispensable. In-between conference calls, it is amusing to see Pandora's logic struggle with stations such as "Art of Noise". "Perfect Circle", "Thievery Corporation", "Prefab Sprout", "Yes", "TMBG", "Everything But the Girl", "ELP", "NIN", "Hassell & Eno", "The Apex Theory" - depending on what kind of mood I am in. I am curious what positive and negative impressions other readers may have had with Pandora. As always, feel free to comment, copiously.


  1. Its great isn't it? I have a fiber-optic line that plugs into my laptop's headphone jack (one of mac's many Easter eggs) and I plug it into my hi-fi and play stuff at near CD quality...

  2. Pandora's ok. I prefer listening to I find the latter much more likely to play things I've never heard of. I end up buying more music after listening to woxy.


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