Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reasonable Evangelicals

Belief.net's Steven Waldman was on Fresh Air this afternoon. I'd heard the promo, and thought... "oh no.. another Fundy. I hope my head does not explode." But in listening to him, he came across as a very reasonable evangelical. He was not a narrow-minded ideological fundamentalist. He presented himself as a compassionate Christian, and made a great deal of sense. It is So Refreshing, considering the recent cacophony that fundamentalists are making globally, lately.


  1. I also thought that Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals (second half of the program) was well-reasoned and had some great ideas. I had to laugh when Terry basically asked him if he needed to wait for Dobson to die before he thought he could get anywhere with his pro-environment, anti-hate agenda.

  2. Oh Man, do I feel stupid! See, when you're working, and 1/2 listening, you miss those little details. I'd wrongly assumed it was Waldman on the whole time. I missed Terry's intro of Cizik, and was too busy multi-tasking to notice the change in voice. DOH!

    But yes, it was refreshing to not hear the rabid, close-minded, 13th century ideologies being spouted. I think reasonable Christians don't get enough air time, as they are continually drowned out by the vitriolic victimization Fundies.

    Terry Gross didn't say "die" though =) ... I thought she said "retire". Though... on ne peu pas que reve!


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