Thursday, December 11, 2008

NFL Network's sound sucks!

Watching, and Listening to da Bears beat the New Orleans Saints in the 1st 1/2 of this Thursday Night game on the NFL Network, I gotta say, the NFL Network's sound crew and director suck. Granted, I am 4 beers into it already, but there's NO crowd involvement whatsoever on the TV coverage. Collinsworth drones on inanely. If I was not a Bears fan, I'd have been lulled into unconsciousness already. I don't like Madden's moronic commentary, but at least CBS, NBC, and Fox understand how to adjust volume, and have crowd noise be part of the broadcast, to help inject a little bit of energy into the broadcast. Matt Forte (#3 rusher in the NFL) comes back onto the field after a leg injury in the 2nd quarter, and Collinsworth says "he'll get quite an ovation" ...but the murmur broadcast over the NFL's channel was reminiscent of 1970s era Blackhawk games I used to listen to with my Grandfather on AM radio, where no one was scoring, and the game ended in a tie. YAWNNNNNNN!

And in overtime, da Bears win! Da Bears!


  1. i was left similarly disappointed after watching a monday night game on ESPN (recently got cable, so that was a new experience for me).

    i think ABC's MNF has always had the best sound presentation, reflected especially with the crowd noise.

    CBS' crowd noise doesn't roll off the high end enough (or at all?), so it's hard for me to watch CBS games.

    i miss MNF on ABC.

  2. if I had a surround sound - which I don't - I'd have been even more sorely disappointed.

    I heard from my parents that the NFL Channel network games are being shown on rabbit ears UHF Channel 50 in Chicago.


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