Thursday, December 4, 2008

Headless Goat Carcass Polo

Watching Colbert this week, Stephen's talking about a "surge" in Afghanistan quite alot (Monday and Tuesday at least), and as usual, he gets focused upon a single humourous aspect of a particular topic. Regarding Afghanistan, it's the "National Sport" known as "Buzkashi" [Kok-boru or Oglak Tartis (Persian: بزکشی bozkæšī, Tajik: бузкашӣ buzkašī: "goat grabbing") ]. Simply put, polo using a goat carcass. Yes, there's lots of differences - horses used are fed oats, wrestling matches accompany the cavalry campaign, and prizes are "chapan", turbans, cash or rifles (not coitus with aristocratic socialites). It had been banned by the Taliban - damn fundies never want to have any fun!

Not sure WHY the goat carcass has to be headless... (video here). I am positive Colbert won't let this rest, as he hasn't with NAMBLA, Bears, Snakes on a Plane, BLTs, Sky Mall, Melinda Gates, Tube Socks, and a host of other Colbertian focuses.

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