Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kudos to KitchenAid

Sometime ago, Dr.Desert Flower and I were looking for a espresso machine - and thanks to all of you who commented here and emailed with tips. As we were shopping around, we saw these KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers Professional HD models for $200 with a $50 off coupon at COSTO (note the KitchenAid website price of $350). So I brought up all the intricacies of proper bean grinding, and roasted bean sourcing, and retained retail value of Rancilio Silvia, and we opted for the mixer that she always wanted, opposed to the fabulous espresso machine we'll get someday when our progeny is no longer financially dependent upon us.

Later on the day of purchase, we picked up some persimmons at the grocery, and today, Dr. Desert Flower has made both cookies and persimmon pudding, utilizing our wonderfully capable new mixer. This should be added to the list of possible Christmas Kitchen gifts that persons like my friend Ron are making, if you are sans-mixer, or looking to upgrade.

Baking is a good thing to do now that the interior ambient temp has dropped down to 72F, and today was the first day of Winter this season where I said while watching a spectacular sunset "it's too damn cold for shorts outside!" - in another 4 months it'll be 100F again outside. We've still not turned on our heat yet.


  1. Great piece of equipment. We've had one for over a decade, they are excellent.

  2. Ditto. My grandmother, who had every piece of kitchen equipment known to man, always had her white KitchenAid stand mixer prominently displayed. It lasted for several decades, and as far as I know, is still in use in one of my aunts' kitchens.

    After my grandmother died last year, I mentioned to my mother that the KitchenAid mixer was the most memorable thing about grandma's kitchen. On my birthday last year mom bought me one (grey, tilt-head artisan series), and I've been using it for countless things ever dough, cookies, torturing small children. And yess, I still lick the beaters.

  3. The 2 male chefs I know have concurred. I am almost snug now. =) One small thing about my Greenville Ohio built KitchenAid though. The FIRST one we got at COSTO we brought home, de-packaged, and the beaters POPPED the bowl out as they rotated. No matter how high I tried to ajust it up, the bowl would NOT sit down low enough. The bowl was outsourced, from Korea, and I suspect the geometric tolerance from the mounting brackets to the bottom of the bowl were not the highest quality. We took it back and exchanged it, and the new one is working beautifully. I think KitchenAid could use some serious Quality Engineering improvements on their outsourced bowl components. I was surprised to find the appliance is still made in America. I wonder how long it will be until Whirlpool off-shores it?

  4. - and Ron, now with your tutelage, I've figured out how to embed HTML links into comment postings! Gracias! Feliz Navidad!


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