Thursday, December 18, 2008

Medjool over Deglet Noor, Anyday

Growing up in the Midwest, and living in the South East for the last 40 years, I didn't have much exposure to delicious fresh dates. Moving to Phoenix, we have a COSTCO within walking distance, that has Californian and Mexican dates, in bulk, readily available. I've come to learn that Medjool dates are amazing, perfect snacks, tasty, plump, savory, in a word "Yum!". Deglet Noor on the other hand, resemble palmetto bug exoskeletons in color, texture, & crunchiness. They're relatively tasteless, and yield about 1/100th the papillae enjoyment when eaten. Occassionally, in a batch of Deglet Noors, you find a semi-squished, darker, tasty one, but it's just trying to mutate into a Medjool.

I've stopped my prior consumption of decades worth of pop-tarts, granola bars, cereal bars, caribou coffee bars, and other processed snacks, as I've recently been reading "An Eaters Manifesto" by Michael Pollan - it's really a good book. I now have things like dates, dried apricots, apples, cashews, mangoes, bananas, water, water with lemon (lemons grown organically in my own back yard, future posts here to include pics later this week). Arizona's geographic location near CA, TX, and Mexico, as well as Phoenix being a major market, provides much fresher and healthier nutritional choices.

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