Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Find The Creature Living Inside of You!

Tip of the hat to my friend Jill the master librarian, for this gem. As Jill aptly put it "rarely does an anti-creationist, pro-evolution librarian get to star in a video game." "Zoo Race" - amazing what lengths Fundamentalists will go to further their own delusional agenda and distort the value systems of pliable children's belief paradigms.

I don't know... if the animal inside you does not chew the cud and have cloven hoof, then you'd be an abomination, unclean, shunned by your friends and neighbors. And the anthropomorphic aspects strike me as antithetical to the pure, American, holier-than-thou trailer park protestantism this country was founded upon. I doubt they have Kzinti or Wookies as options in the race anyways. =)

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