Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marichyasana as a go-no-go gauge

I've developed a theory, that Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, which was not only very useful for figuring out cubits & other Architectura, but it helps to point out - especially during the holiday season when Americans tend to gorge - when one has eaten too much.

I've been doing yoga 3X to 6X/week, pending work schedules, weather (I was doing it poolside, until last week, when it got too cold to wear shorts, and it's raining today) for the last 3 years. A seated twist posture that is a hybrid of Marichyasana (also known as "Sage Twist") and Parsvokonasana (also known as "Prayer Twist") wherein you raise your right knee, and then wrap the inside of the left elbow around your knee, and the grasp the outside of your left elbow with your right hand (pictured below, here). This twists and flexes the abdomen nicely, pressing the right quads along the rib cage and liver, and takes Deliberate Effort to breathe calmly this way. Now symmetrically, try to do the same thing, with your left knee raised, and right arm wrapped around raised left leg, after eating a large meal - even 2 or 3 hours after eating a large holiday meal. Left side anatomy makes this Very Difficult to do without an empty stomach.

So if you can't wrap your arm around your raised leg, bringing knee to chest, your stomach may be more full than is normal. I am no yoga master, and still have a great deal to learn in my novice attempts to increase flexibility, reduce stress, stay toned, and focus on wellness, but I think my go-no-go gauge theory is sound. Personally, it makes sense and works for me.

Now, if I can hold a Naukasana (boat pose) for more than 8 slow breaths or be able to touch my foot behind my back in a bound lotus , that'll be some serious progress!

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