Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illinois Governors - WTF?

What is it with Illinois Governors? When I was a kid, I remember "Big Jim Thompson" being governor of the neighboring 'Land of Lincoln' state of Illinois, 4 times. Granted, I was alot younger, but I don't remember there being alot of scandals or other outrageous crap coming out of Springfield back then. But after Thompson, another Jim (Edgar) comes in, and his term is rife with controversies. Illinoisans then elect the marvelous George Ryan. You remember George Ryan dont'cha? Massive contractor & influence peddling scandals, indictments, and convictions? (No relation to Jack Ryan, who tried to run for Senate in Illinois but withdrew from the race after a sex scandal was revealed where he tried forcing his reluctant wife to go to sex clubs and orgies with him internationally.)

Now, Governor Rod Blagojevich is arrested by the Feds for trying to sell Obama's vacant seat to the highest bidders. Doesn't mater if they are Democrats, or Republicans apparently, they get in the Governor's office, and they rapidly decompose. Maybe The Illinois Governorship and Florida's 16th Congressional District (Foley & Mahoney) are somehow linked - held by idiots who can't refuse making such massive screw ups that their predecessor's infractions look minor?


  1. A Chicago politician corrupt? Never!

  2. Da internets work quick! Blagojevich's wiki page has already been updated with the mail and wire fraud as well as solicitation of bribery indictment & Dec 9th arrest!

  3. Neil Steinberg has a nice piece about it in yesterday's Sun Times.

  4. On Steinberg's webpage today at the link Ron provided, it has a classic statement about Chicago's weather today:
    Weather: SULLEN

    Sullen? Yep.


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