Thursday, December 11, 2008

Loudest dissenting anti-US Auto Senators

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the LOUDEST dissenting voices who are against a Detroit bailout, are from states who have non-unionized transplant automotive presences? In the last week I have heard Kyle (AZ), dim bulb DeMint (SC), and Shelby (AL) all saying really negative things about any kind of assistance to Detroit based automakers. Kyle's got a Toyota R&D center and finance HQ in AZ. DeMint's got BMW, Bosch and a host of European & Japanese component and assembly facilities. Shelby's got a Huntsville Toyota plant and a massive Lincoln AL Honda SUV plant. I agree with the Daily Show's assessment on auto-erotica - we gave $700B to banks to bet on possible future guarantees of loans they are not making in a failed effort to stabilize the banking industry, but we can't loan $34B to Detroit to make cars, even if most of them are crappy & inefficient cars, that when all is said and done, at least the affected American owns a useful car?

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  1. Not surprising, as these particular miscreant plutocrats have been trying to finish off the UAW for years. It's the last major non-public-sector union presence in the US, and they'd love to hang that trophy on the wall of their hunting lodge.


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