Saturday, December 20, 2008

After we're all gone...

After we're all gone, next year (after the Rapture[TM] or other mythological occurrence), or in a dozen or so years (after an Indo-Pakistani trigger nuclear exchange that leads to a Putin/China/French/US volley, resulting in a global nuclear winter), or in hundreds or thousands of years, if humanity can be so "lucky", these are the critters who will out-live us all (courtesy of JPL). And from these EVOLVED species, others will follow, and flourish. YES, EVOLVED. See, Noah didn't have acidophiles (who live in a pH akin to battery acid) or Archaea Strain 121 (who THRIVE at temps above 121 C), or Bacillus Infernus (who live 2 miles underground), or Hesiocaeca methanicola (Methane Ice Worms), or Deinococcus Raiodurans (who thrive on radiation millions of times higher in intensity than what humans can take) on the mythological ark he built after his 500th birthday.

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  1. But following God(TM)'s fifth law of transmutation, He(TM) is in everything that lives, everything that exists. So it is Holy(TM). Yea.

    Oh wait...maybe that was one of the Ferengi Laws of Acquisition.


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