Thursday, December 25, 2008

Isaac Toussie's pardon reversal

Earlier this week, W pardoned 19 felons who contributed to his party's coffers, or are politically connected. Then, late Christmas Eve, the White House reversed one of the pardons, that of Isaac Toussie, who defrauded the Department of Housing and Urban development of millions of dollars. Publicly, the WH says it is because it learned of Toussie's father's donation of $28,500 to the RNC. But privately, this looked like SUCH a quid pro quo, that it made the whole Mark Rich pardoning thing look almost trivial.

I heard on NPR's Diane Rehm show 2 weeks ago, when Holder was announced as Attorney General Nominee, that the Republicans would be picking 1 or 2 or 3 (but not more than 3) nominees to fight. Eric Holder, looks like Toussie's pardon reversal, combined with your Blagojevich failure-to-disclose links, and your Clinton era taint, just sealed your fate. You shall not be Obama's A.G. Yes, considering the incompetent fools and ideologues who came before, you are an admirable and more than capable candidate for the position, but you are tragically flawed and opposition is lined up against you. I'll be incredibly surprised if I am wrong about this, come February. Even more surprised by a Senate confirmation, than by the unprecedented pardon reversal we've just witnessed.

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