Thursday, December 18, 2008

The next time Huckabee starts talking about chromosomes...

The next time Huckabee starts talking about chromosomes and what constitutes a 'human life'... he needs to be told to shut the hell up, and look at the pictures in this disturbing Pharyngula post.
"An unfortunate child in Colorado ... Diagnosed with a brain tumor, when surgeons opened up his skull, they found fragments of a fetus inside: two tiny feet, part of a hand, coils of intestine. The surgery was successful and the child is doing fine now, but this was the most well-organized 'tumor' I've ever heard of."
"Something struck me when I saw the photograph of this particular surgery. Here it is, a photo of a fetal foot flopping out of a bloody baby's brain (don't click if you're squeamish). As I'm sure you've noticed, anti-choice people love to parade about with gory photos of aborted fetuses, and they love to dwell on little details like a recognizable hand or face. This picture is exactly like those, yet realize this: there was no human being behind those little baby toes. The existence of these fragments of non-sentient tissue endangered the life of a child, and there was no question that they needed to be extracted."
"Those are beautifully patterned collections of differentiated cells, but there is no person there."

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