Saturday, December 27, 2008

Music DVD Night, Chez Nous

As a family, we enjoyed watching The Ramones, End of the Century and 10,000 Watts R.S.L. Netflix DVD's last night. Observations on The Ramones documentary (much of the footage shot in 2002 during the 2 months between Joey's death to cancer, and Dee Dee's fatal heroine over-dose) that I did not realize:
  • The Ramones thought highly of The Clash, and Johnny Ramone thought The Clash were "as good as" The Ramones.
  • Joey Ramone thought we was going to recover from lymphatic cancer, right up to the day before he died. He didn't want a feeding tube put in, because he was afraid they would screw up his voice.
  • Johnny Rotten was afraid that The Ramones were going to "beat him up" when he met them in London, and he openly admitted to The Ramones that the Sex Pistols sucked and had no talent: "all you have to do is get out there and play".
  • It's amazing that Dee Dee lived as long as he did.
  • Johnny Ramone was an unpleasant, unpersonable, controlling, Republican ("God Bless President Bush").
  • Phil Specter was/ is a very scary individual.
Observations on Midnight Oil that I did not realize:
  • As my buddy Matt has said many times, I do apparently dance in a very Peter Garrett like spastic style - though I am not as tall, not as long limbed, and not bald.
  • When family members (and perhaps co-workers) dance like Peter Garrett in the living room, it is quite hilarious, regardless of how much alcohol has been consumed.
  • Peter Garrett is not only an Australian MP, but he is also Minister for the Environment, Heritage, and the Arts
  • Sydney Harbour, in the summer time, is extremely humid, as evidenced by the Goat Island concert footage where all the band members and audience members shown were drenched in sweat.
  • Rob Hirst is a good drummer (and lyricist), yes, but still not one of the top 22 on my list.
Great fun was had by all. Beer, wine, port, coffee, and many Christmas left-overs were consumed.

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